Hotel & Accommodation Facilities

Five star hotels

The rooms can be up to twenty six square metres and are designed to provide a luxurious experience for the guests. These hotels flock with international guests and therefore everything must be up to the international standards. Such hotels offer a wide variety of dishes for their guests and have other facilities such as spas, safe boxes in all rooms, swimming pools, tennis, handball, volleyball or even basketball playing courts. The staff understands different languages and they are trained to provide round the clock care and services to all guests. Their meals are of high quality and reflect cuisines from different parts of the world. They usually offer conference facilities such as the meeting rooms reading.

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There are different types of hotel accommodation which are based on the type of facilities offered by the hotel, the quality of their services as well as the quality of the facilities. Commercial hotels target business people who are constantly travelling, residential hotels target those people who stay in hotels for extended durations while resorts are meant for those on holidays and vacations. Hotels can further be classified according to the five-star classification method. What does this mean and what facilities are found in hotels under the different classifications?

One star hotels 

This classification usually has small hotels that are more often than not privately owned. The services are provided by either members of the family or a few staff members. In most cases, the rooms are very small but have a running shower and sink. These hotels allow access at any time whether day or night and have very simple meal plans.

Two star hotels

Their size ranges from small to medium and the rooms- usually en-suite- is slightly bigger than those of one star hotels. They employ professional staff to handle the reception, check in and check out of guests.

Three star hotels

The rooms are bigger usually fourteen square metres for single rooms and eighteen square metres for double rooms. The rooms are all en-suite and are equipped with modern equipment such as a television set, hair blow dryers, modern telephones and many more. The reception area is spacious and has comfortable seating space. All the staff members are professionals and are trained to cater for both local and international clients. It is norm to have at least some members of staff who can speak at least one foreign language.

Four star hotels

The rooms range from sixteen to twenty two square metres and have modern fittings and fixtures. The furnishings are of high quality and the rooms have a mini bar. These hotels have highly qualified and experience staff members divided into different departments like housekeeping, maintenance, marketing, account management and many more. They offer such services as laundry, day care for children and room service.